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Example uses
Server-side: PHP-based
Fire ExitPHP-based webpage, including live tracker of traffic between page and csi18n server 
Client-side: Browser+Javascript-based
DreddIPad-optimized page to demonstrate crowd-sourced translating of webcomics, and reconsidering of both how story unfolds (click-by-click) and how story is illustrated (compression, overlapping etc)
XKCD Crowd-translations made available for xkcd content. Facility for users to upload their own content, and obtain a link they can pass on
otoos Applying csi18n to academic papers, as exemplified here by part of Darwin's 'On The Origin Of Species'
Client-side: App-based
Frontlight Android and iOS frontlight apps with on/off available as translations
A frontlight uses the background colour of the main VDU. This is both easier to program and and more widely available to others than rear LEDs.
+ Apple have insufficient resources online to whack up an iPhone flashlight proper; the location data in the simulator is broken, and it seems even if it was okthe simulator doesn't have a capturable rear LED. I'll look into this app now I've Achieved Dev.
+ The free resources online are insufficient to get me over my noobynes with Android as far as the rear LED and networking is concerned, so I'm going to look at this once I've got a suitable edumacation